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Company profile

Since the establishment, Yueqing Fengqi Automation Co., Ltd. has been focusing on the production and manufacture of sensors, research and development and technological innovation. With the joint efforts of all staff, Yueqing Fengqi Automation Co., Ltd. has accumulated rich experience in design and production, and has developed into one of the most capable manufacturers in the sensor industry in China. 1.
       The company's main photoelectric switch, proximity switch, capacitor proximity switch, magnetic switch, Hall switch and other sensors more than 1000 specifications.
Photoelectric switch, proximity switch, capacitor proximity switch, magnetic switch, Hall switch and so on are the most important and widely used automatic detection components in automatic control system. It embodies the latest level of high technology such as microelectronics optics. Widely used in mechanical manufacturing, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, machine tool manufacturing, light textile, tobacco food, mining, paper mills, cement plants and steel enterprise control equipment for the purpose of target and position detection and control, the company produces a series of products with its internal function and appearance design Omron, Begaford, diagram The products of Erke, Siemens, French Schneider, Taiwanese Yangming, Korean Otonix and Han Rong are consistent and can be replaced by each other.
The company has always adhered to the principle of paying equal attention to both talents and products, absorbing experienced engineering and technical personnel and professional management personnel, strict management, high-tech, advanced production equipment and perfect testing methods, producing high-quality products, providing quality after-sales service.
   In line with the tenet of obtaining the greatest satisfaction of customers with higher quality products and services, the company continuously deepens the internal reform of enterprises by relying on advanced modern enterprise management, and comprehensively implements the quality assurance system. Improving product quality, carrying forward the spirit of seeking truth, innovation, unity and enterprising, adhering to the policy of developing industry by science and technology and brand, and moving from China to the world by its own brand.
We look forward to sincere cooperation with you and push China's automation level to a new height.

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