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Service and support

One of the manufacturers of sensor industry in China

1、One to one pre sale service: To provide type selection assistance, because our company is wrong in type selection, and the shipping cost is borne by our company. Provide solutions, even if we can't, and we'll do everything we can to recommend products or businesses that can solve them

2Free trial: Resolve your concerns. (product trial form).
Door-to-door service:If you need to order products, do not know how to use, if the phone and network platform can not communicate clearly, we provide door-to-door service. If you use our products, a large number of quality problems, we will receive your feedback, the fastest time to arrange technical personnel to the scene (usually within 2 working days).

4No worries after sale: The warranty period is one year from the date of shipment. If normal use is damaged, unconditional replacement.

5Urgent service : There are many types of products, not all stocks, production needs process. We provide urgent service to solve your urgent needs.

6Product customization, sample processing : Sensors are not general products, special treatment in special industries. Meet all your needs.

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